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After meeting at the prestigious British College of osteopathic medicine, Yana and Ben realized they were kindred spirits and that they were both dedicated to a future of creating something special in the world of health and beauty.


Their aim was to create a supreme spa and health brand with the most highly trained staff offering the best quality service possible.

Having left BCOM Yana went on to progress her skills by studying massage and spa treatments onboard ships with the esteemed Steiner cruise line. She then returned to London and honed her skills in some of the world renowned 5 star hotels located there. After this there was only one thing left for her to do and that was to bring her dream to life – and from one room above a gym in Baker Street she went on to grow Thai London Therapy into one of the most highly rated spa brands in London.


After gaining his masters in osteopathy and naturopathy, Benjamin - who with over 20 experience years within the health industry training and treating everyone from Hollywood actors and directors to people recovering from major operations – decided from the start he wanted to be more then and osteopath who just treats the pain. He set about creating a system of help that as well as dealing with the pain or dysfunction would look at the person’s lifestyle, diet and mental wellbeing to help heal the body both inside and out.


After achieving their goals of expansion in London Yana and Ben set about taking their brand overseas and set their sights on the bustling city of Marrakesh. Drawn by this city steeped in a rich history of spas and hammams they knew this was the place to showcase their exceptional mix of eastern and western techniques.

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