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Ayurvedic Head & Face Massage

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In Sanskrit, Ayurvedic means “The Science of Life.” 

The Ayurvedic massage from Thai London Therapy differs from our other massages because it focuses on the skin and circulation whereas our other massages work deeper into the muscles. 

Essential oils are used on the head and face and applied in soothing rhythmical moments that increase blood flow to your heart which in turn positively affects your parasympathetic nervous system otherwise known as your “rest and digest” system. 

This leads to a feeling of calmness, increased digestive function and a universal feeling of well-being.


Book your Ayurvedic head and face massage at Thai London Therapy in the heart of Gueliz, Marrakech.

1hr - 650 MAD

1.5hrs - 900 MAD

2hr - 1200 MAD

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